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First impressions are an integral part of human interactions, often influencing our decisions and perceptions of others. In the world of aesthetics, understanding the science behind these judgments is the key to delivering results with a positive impact. FaceReality, an innovative AI-driven application for aesthetic practitioners, is at the forefront of uncovering the secrets of first impressions. In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating science of first impressions and how FaceReality’s technology is shedding new light on the subject.

The Subconscious Snap Judgment: Unveiling the secrets of first impressions

Professor Dr. Alexander Todorov, a well-known psychologist, has extensively researched the science of first impressions. His findings can be summarised as follows:

A first impression is the initial evaluative judgment we make about someone when we encounter them for the first time. It’s a rapid and largely automatic process that occurs within milliseconds of meeting someone. It’s a snapshot of how we perceive their trustworthiness, competence, attractiveness, and other characteristics, based largely on their facial features. First impressions are the psychological shortcuts our brains use to make sense of the world, helping us

But what does this have to do with aesthetic medicine?

Quantifying First Impressions: How FaceReality Makes It Possible

FaceReality Aesthetic Treatment Simulation App

FaceReality, has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to objectively measure these first impressions. Trained by millions of human opinions, dozens of expert practitioners, this AI analyzes facial features and geometries to provide insights into a patient’s first impression. This takes aesthetic evaluations to a new level. The technology goes beyond traditional aesthetic assessments. It quantifies what was once considered unquantifiable – the subconscious judgments that we call first impressions.

Predicting the Impact of Treatments:

A cornerstone of FaceReality technology is its ability to predict the impact of treatments on first impressions. Using AI, it recommends treatments that are calculated to have a measurable effect on a patient’s first impression. This means practitioners can offer treatments with confidence, knowing they can have a positive impact on their patients’ lives. After all, when we change their faces, we change the way other people perceive and interact with them.

Read more about the above real life example of our founder, Dr. Heike Klepetko.

Beyond Beauty: Uncovering the Social Relevance of Aesthetic Treatments

While aesthetics and beauty are central, FaceReality aims to move beyond the surface. It’s not just about enhancing appearances; it’s about understanding the social relevance of aesthetic treatments. By doing so, practitioners can achieve results that go beyond the physical, positively impacting their patients’ social and psychological well-being.

Aesthetic Treatments, Botox, filler, FaceReality, Face Reality iPad app consultation

“Beyond beauty” means embracing the social impact of treatments in aesthetic treatments and plastic surgery. Our mission is to raise awareness with practitioners, patients, as well as industry players about true impact of treatments.

Every human is unique and it all comes down to the individual face, which is why our algorithm bases analyses and simulations on the unique facial features of each patient. This is one way that our technologies support the industry to go beyond beauty standards, and cookie-cutter treatments, towards truly individualised and holistic therapies.


FaceReality is not only changing the way we approach aesthetics but also deepening our understanding of appearance, and how treatments have an impact. By using advanced AI technology, the FaceReality application quantifies the subconscious judgments we make and translates them into actionable insights for practitioners. With FaceReality, it’s no longer just about “beauty”; it’s about the impact of treatments on the lives of patients.

In the ever-evolving field of aesthetics, FaceReality is a game-changer. It empowers practitioners with knowledge and tools that transcend the superficial, delivering results leave a meaningful impact.

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