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In just a fraction of a second – 100 milliseconds to be precise – our brains make subconscious judgments about people based on their appearance. These snap judgments can influence how we see someone – whether we find them attractive, trustworthy, or competent. These quick impressions impact our daily lives, affecting how we interact with others in both personal and professional situations. Once we form these quick impressions, they’re tough to change. In aesthetic medicine, we are using artificial intelligence to measure first impressions.

In this article we will explore how we are able to use the power of AI and the science of first impressions to improve patient outcomes in aesthetic medicine.

Scoring AI: Quantifying Faces for Aesthetics

Our scoring technology uses AI to link our facial geometry with the quick judgments people make about us. This was accomplished with a large dataset of facial images, and over 1 million human opinions. This data forms the basis of the our algorithms, which can measure first impressions, independent age, ethnicity, or gender. This data and algorithm was rigorously validated in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna.

facial analysis scoring algorithm AI aesthetic medicine

Morphing AI: Personalized Aesthetic Treatment Recommendations

AI Aesthetic treatment simulation app

FaceReality goes beyond measuring appearance; it introduces a recommendation algorithm that tailors treatment plans to each individual. This algorithm relies on a dataset defined by expert practitioners, defining the changes in facial areas achievable through minimally invasive treatments.

This dataset serves as the foundation for the recommendation algorithm, which shows adjustments to facial features to achieve a specific appearance. However, the true innovation lies in the algorithm’s ability to deliver personalized treatments according to each patient’s unique face.

Impact on the Aesthetics Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of aesthetic medicine, FaceReality stands as a trailblazer. It distinguishes itself as the only system capable of objective appearance measurement. This unique capability empowers FaceReality to offer treatment recommendations and automated simulations through AI, all anchored in a patient’s desired aesthetic goals.

Additionally, ease of access is another hallmark of FaceReality’s offering. Operating on the iPad, it requires no additional hardware, presenting an intuitive and user-friendly interface right from the outset.

Within the consultation room, FaceReality shifts the conversation. It leads practitioners and patients towards a holistic understanding of facial aesthetics, fostering discussions beyond single treatment areas. Realistic visualizations of treatment outcomes help patients understand the holistic impact on their facial appearance. The results are striking; practitioners witness remarkable improvements in patient conversion rates as individuals become more open to exploring comprehensive treatment plans.

In a realm where meticulous precision and informed decisions are the pillars of success, FaceReality’s AI-driven approach has become a linchpin. It introduces the power of objective quantification and personalized treatment planning, elevating the standard of care in aesthetic medicine. With FaceReality, it’s not merely about changing appearances; it’s about changing lives and empowering practitioners with cutting-edge tools.

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