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In the world of aesthetics, many patients seek to reverse the visible effects of aging, with wrinkles often take the spotlight. However, achieving an attractive or refreshed appearance involves more than just addressing wrinkles. In this discussion, we’ll explore the role of artificial intelligence in aesthetic procedures, highlighting its ability to provide a nuanced approach to aesthetics medicine that impacts the lives of patients, beyond wrinkles, beyond beauty.

Going Beyond Wrinkles: A Scientific Perspective on Facial Appearance.

An attractive facial appearance is the result of various factors, including facial volume distribution, symmetry, skin quality, and overall contour. While wrinkles are indeed a key aspect of facial aging, achieving an attractive look encompasses many other elements as well. This is where AI comes into play, offering a scientific perspective on aesthetic goals, by providing a quantitative, measurable approach to appearance.

The Power of AI

AI brings a scientific advantage to the table by analysing facial appearance and making subtle, natural-looking adjustments that achieve a desired outcome in the patient. The FaceReality AI was trained by millions of human opinions, as well as expert aesthetic practitioners for highly realistic and medically achievable simulations.

To illustrate the merits of AI in aesthetic procedures, let’s look at a real-life example:

Case Study: Julia’s Transformation

Julia, a 54-year-old who used to be a fashion model, came to Dr. Heike Klepetko seeking to address the visible signs of aging that had affected her appearance. Despite getting enough sleep and feeling content, people often questioned her energy and mood. There was a disconnect between how she felt and how she appeared, motivating her to restore her youthful allure without appearing artificial.

Phase 1: Introduction & Face Analysis

We began by taking a pre-treatment photograph of Julia, serving as a baseline for her treatment. The proprietary AI analysis of her face indicated that her facial composition did seem to give off a first impression that did not reflect the way she feels about herself. Dr. Klepetko used these insights in the consultation to understand Julia’s desires and motivations on a deeper level. They decided to improve areas such as her attractiveness, confidence, energy, and mood.

Facial Analysis beyond beauty, aesthetic consultation AI

Pre-Treatment AI Face Analysis

Phase 2: AI Simulations

The FaceReality AI simulated subtle yet impactful treatments, that would improve the areas of concern in a scientific manner, without the fear of looking unnatural or exaggerated. The simulations (shown below) are individualised for Julias unique facial features, and her specific desires.

Phase 3: Understanding Treatments

The different visualisation modes available in FaceReality allowed Julia to see all the recommended treatment options, and their impact on her appearance. Some of the treatments included restoring midface volume, slightly lifting her eyebrows with thread, smoothing nasolabial folds, contouring her jawline, augmenting lip volume, and elevating the corners of her mouth.

AI Aesthetic consultation

Phase 4: Achieving Results

Dr. Klepetko performed the minimally invasive treatments needed to achieve the desired look. She injected Botulinum Toxin in the Glabella and forehead. Hyluronic acid was injected in the Nasiolabial Fold (0.3 ml right, 0.7 ml left), 2 cc in the upper & lower lip, corners of the mouth + Philtrum. 0.5cc in each Marionett-line, 1cc both sides of the jawline. Lastly, threads were applied to eyebrows and jawline.

Even though Julia came for the wrinkles, the FaceReality approach went beyond just wrinkles, and created a positive outcome, with natural results. The full-face philosophy that we enable with FaceReality resulted in an appearance that reflects how she feels on the inside.

10 Min Post Treatment (actual)

Post-Treatment AI Face Analysis

Phase 5: Socially Relevant Outcomes

After the procedure, we captured a post-treatment photograph of Julia, showcasing a scientifically remarkable transformation. She regained her natural allure, exuding confidence and vitality.

AI Aesthetic beauty consultation

A real-life impact: AI’s Role in meaningful aesthetic treatments.

The holistic, full-face approach guided by AI not only enhances appearance but also significantly influences our social interactions. When we change appearance, we change our first impression, which changes the way others interact with us. Just being aware of this impact can lead us to better outcomes.

The pursuit of a youthful, rejuvenated, and appealing appearance extends beyond wrinkle reduction. With the support of AI tools like FaceReality, patients like Julia can embark on a journey that leaves a positive impact on their life, instead of “chasing lines”.

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